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"...at the conclusion of interviewing the area's top plastic surgeons I'd researched, and after reviewing their "Before and After" photos, for me the choice was undoubtedly clear as to who would be performing my Breast Augmentation.  Dr. Cynthia Gray was superior!  Her experience, demonstrated results, gentle confidence and kind demeanor spoke loud and clear.  It was only after my surgery, that I realized her stellar reputation went far beyond what I had heard about her.  I realized how lucky I was to have selected her.  Since then, I have run across so many women who have either had surgery by Cynthia, or knew of someone who did, and the consensus was the same, they all came away with their expectations exceeded.  Thank you Dr. Gray, and staff for making our (Dr. Gray ended-up performing a Otoplasty procedure on my husband as well!) choice an easy one."  Diane and her Happy Husband!

"Since my use of Obagi products one year ago, I have noticed and others have commented on how fresh my skin looks. For a long time, I had used expensive department store skincare or spa products and had gotten regular facials, without results. It was not until the recommendation from Diane at Spa Bella, Dr. Cynthia Gray's office, to start with the Obagi system.  Then I added the Clarisonic Brush and I noticed significant improvement in my skin tone and clarity. I have since included an occasional peel with great results. I only wish I would have started at a younger age but I am very happy with the results. I am having and will continue to get consultations at Spa Bella. The staff is helpful, courteous and addresses all of my questions honestly. I would not go anywhere else for my skincare needs. Thanks for the great job you do. " Carroll, RN

"I've seen fabulous results on a number of Cindy's (Dr. Gray) patients. There were a couple of things I wanted to change, so I decided to try her on a small procedure. Her work was absolutely impeccable.  I highly recommend her!" Shari
"I went in thinking I needed a full facelift.  Dr. Gray was candid and told me she did not think I needed one.  She suggested a couple of small surgical interventions along with a series of IPLs and skincare instead.  I am incredibly happy with the outcome. And I was impressed by Dr. Gray's conservative, low-pressure approach and the high-quality results she delivered."  

"I have recently faced a time in my life, where I just needed a little boost for my skin.  After searching and experiencing different spas in the area, I would leave feeling confused as to what treatments were the best for me.  Not to mention the money involved could get quite costly.  So, my doctor recommended SpaBella and it changed my life.  They guided me through the Obagi skincare line, which has softened my appearance considerably.  I'm serious!  I feel as though 10 years of stress has been lifted off of my face.  Now, I'm ready for the next step in this transformation to healthier skin.  I'm excited for new suggestions and treatments. You know, the best part is, that the SpaBella staff really cares.  It shows, by lending their time and effort during your appointment with absolutely no pressure, just a ton of knowledge. " Wendy

"As long as I can remember, I've had freckles on my cheeks. Over the years and plenty of sun damage later, my freckles had turned to brown patches that made my face look dirty. After one Photo Facial treatment at SpaBella, the results were incredible! I couldn't stop looking at my skin! Most of the spots were gone. I am so anxious to complete my next treatment and can hardly wait for my friends to see the results. They are going to be so envious...Thanks Diane."  Kathy
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Dr. Cynthia Gray's extensive training includes the specialized study of plastic surgery at The Royal University Hospital of Saskatchewan, Canada, along with Board Certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Over the span of the 26 years Cynthia has been performing plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures in the Vancouver/Portland metro area, she has thousands of satisfied patients behind her.  Cynthia's exceptional professional reputation, commitment to best practices, attention to detail and impeccable results establishes that she is uniquely qualified to consult with you on your interest in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and to perform your next procedure.


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*Financing for Cosmetic and Reconstructive procedures is available through CareCredit.